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  14th January, 2018
Yesterday was spent, as expected, doing the Little Lever site.


In the end, it looks incredibly bland, but does exactly what you'd need from a site called "Little Lever.info"
Lists phone numbers and has links to the vaguely important places in the village.
You'd be amazed how much time it took trying to compile all that information!!
As time progresses, I'll probably add even more info to it, but .. meh, it'll do for now!!

I had planned to make it a much more fuller-looking site, but once I created a list of info in a spreadsheet and looked at the thing, I figured there wasn't much point in doing anything more fancy than that.
The links all go to more "complete" pages, in most cases the websites of the place in question.
I mean, that's all people need, right? Just basic information?


I might paginate it at a later point, if it starts getting too big.


I then spent a couple of hours doing another ALChoon. It came out well enough, and already makes 5 Choons for the year so far. Nice!!
Next, I spent ages trying to create a new version of the JNKPlat theme, but nothing seemed to fit quite right.
I'm wondering if, maybe, the next JNKPlat might have *shock* a different theme tune!?! OMG!WTF!!?BBQ!!!

.. Not that my mind was drifting from the framework, to the inevitable JNKPlat 2018 again. Honest!

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