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Little Lever!
  13th January, 2018
For the past couple of years, I've hosted the forum for LittleLever.info on my old SoCoder server at GoDaddy. When I recently moved SoCoder to the new Zen Internet server, I neglected to move the LittleLever site across.


Today is the end of the road for the old GoDaddy server. All my pre-paid months are up, and the server's going to be shut down at some point, today.
I need to move LittleLever.info across to the new server, but keeping it as-is seems a bit of a waste.
I rarely ever used it as a forum, and neither did anyone else!

As such, I'm thinking about creating some kind of "Just the Info" site, with links to various places that are in and around the village.

I've been putting off doing that for a while, but I guess it's going to be today's task, since the old server's about to be switched off.

No coding, today, then.
Time to focus on the village!

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