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DVD Ripping
  7th January, 2018
I'm sure that used to be a quicker thing to do.


Last night, flicking through Netflix and Amazon trying to pick a movie to watch, "The Ring" flicked past, and I found myself once again cursing the crappy American remake, and being thankful that I had the Ring Trilogy Boxset.
At which point I realised I hadn't watched any of the DVDs in a long long time, so decided to rip them to the NAS for future watching.

1.5 hours it took.. Per movie..
That's damn near realtime. I'm sure it used to be quicker than that!!

Stupid thing.

So, that was the laptop taken up, all night.
I instead finished off yesterday's ALChoon, and then sat watching silly YouTube videos because, ultimately, nothing on Netflix or Amazon seemed to peek my interest.

Once all my Ring videos had been ripped, I also didn't feel like watching those either, as it was already about 10pm.

Instead, with the laptop finally back to a usable status, I started fiddling around with some late-night coding.
I managed to get a number of insignificant tweaks done, before finally giving up and heading to bed.

All in all, not a very productive night. But at least I can watch the proper Ring, in future!

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