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  6th January, 2018
Well, not "nothing".
I did at least do another ALChoon, yesterday.


Seems my mind's very much in a musical mood so far this year, as I've done three tracks already, and not much coding.
In actual fact, this morning I awoke with a small loop in my head, and have half-jotted it down into the KORG Gadget App, ready for finishing off, later on tonight.

Not much coding going on, then.
I spent most of yesterday tackling weird issues with my broadband, only to then notice a VirginMedia van down the street, so apparently it wasn't just me.

Thankfully things seem a little more stable, this morning.
I can only hope it stays that way.
Although, I might ring them up and see if they can upgrade the router. Our old 2010 Virgin SuperHub is getting a little tired, lately!

Today I'll aim to try and get some coding done, but no promises. My mind definitely doesn't seem to want to do any of it, right now.
Bah, humbug!

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