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Y2:W52 - Fred The Parachuting Flea
  24th August, 2010
Fred is a happy Flea, and he loves to hop.
He especially loves it when all the Dandelions are casting their seeds around in the air, as he can grab on, and go for a ride.


Guide Fred, by moving the mouse cursor underneath him, and clicking to fling him up into the air.
Keep him off the ground, by hopping from seed to seed, and earning more and more points as you do.

If you can grab the tiny flowers along the way, you'll earn even more points, and everything multiplies by however many hops you've made.

Then, once you've earned a nice big high score, you can switch to Online mode, and upload your best score.
(and hopefully it won't break at that point..! If it does, let me know!)

You can Download Fred the Parachuting Flea from the Jayenkai Archive, for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

AGAW Scoring
52 weeks, and if you're counting CardagainDS which I posted the other day, I've only just managed to do 52 games!

I did it!

I'll do a nice big "look back" in a couple of days, I'm having a rest first

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