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  4th January, 2018
I skipped a week's Newsletter for SoCoder, last week, so I need to get back to doing that, today.


You'd think that, with an extra week to compile the thing, I'd have oodles of stuff to write about.
But.. Nope.
It's still a blank slate, except it's got a few extra YouTube videos linked in it.
Going to be a lot of waffle going into it, I reckon!

I've no ALChoon video to do, this week. Seems odd not to be doing that.. Hmm..
Maybe I should start a new REMICKSED AL Bum so I've got something to make videos for!?


Once I've done the newsletter, I'll get back to the framework and try to check off a few more items on the todo list. Although, I might actually shut down the Windows Laptop, and hop on over to the MacMini for a while, to see if I can get things working on iOS.

With any luck, I might be able to actually code a game, soon! That'll be fun!!

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