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Little Bits
  3rd January, 2018
Spent most of today going through my giant checklist, doing lots of the little un-attempted things.


There's now basic geometric collision detection in the framework.
Line to Line, Rect to Rect, Circle to Circle, Point to Rect, Point to Circle.
I still need to add Line to Rect, Line to Circle and Rect to Circle, but those weren't in my previous framework, so I seem to be able to cope without
Lazy Jay!

I also added lots of string-based functions, like string padding and that sort of stuff, but have yet to attempt 6-digit strings.. Although, I doubt I'll need those!
.. But you never know.

My checklist of things to add to the Framework is becoming much more manageable, now, but there are still a number of complications along the way.

I still haven't got Mac, iOS and Android up and running.
The "Badges" functionality isn't done.
The scoreboards need somewhere to be displayed.
I haven't yet added any way to "Enter Your Name".
There's no "Grannell Mode" to disable the swoopy menus.
Mod music seems to be something that's not happening.
The controller code is 100% wrapped up to make single-player games. Multiplayer is definitely not currently supported.
Threading hasn't been added AT ALL, so everything's going to stutter if the game tries to do anything in the "background", since there's no "background" to speak of.
And quite why there's still no Quit button on the main menu is anyone's guess!!!

So, yeah, lots and lots of stuff to add.
But, boy, am I getting close!!

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