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Bloody Cat..
All night, the cat was running around, up and down stairs, and randomly yelling.

I figured she probably wanted out, so at 1am I bumbled out of bed and opened the back door for her.

At 1:30, I was stood at the door, freezing, waiting for her to come back in.

Bloody cat.


Yesterday's coding wasn't all that eventful. I got a few bits and pieces added to the framework, but nothing that interesting from the outside. Mostly just little maths bits and pieces, that I know oughta be in C++ somewhere, but I don't trust that they always will.

For example, Mod (or %) is in C++, but whether it can handle floats seems to be dependent on exactly what version of C++ you're using.
Instead, then, I coded my own trustable version.
I also did the same for Abs() and a bunch of other similar functions.

Basically, I'm trying to foolproof this framework as much as I can, before it all falls to piece


I bought one of those cheap little "Telescope for iPhone" doodahs.
I was hoping I could get nice wildlife garden shots, from the window.
Unfortunately... .. It's a bit shit!

The lens is fiddly as munky to get aligned perfectly on the camera's lens, and even when it's "as good as I can get it", there's still a bit of black border around the edge.
And the focus is absolutely terrible, and nastily blurry.
It's really not good at all.

Serves me right for going for the cheapest option, but I wasn't willing to spend boatloads on something I'd barely use.

I guess I'm just going to have to use the old-fashioned camera, every so often!

Bah, humbug.

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