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Xmas and New Year is over and done with, so it's time to get back into the swing of things..
.. By doing more bloomin' menus!


Today I took the time to rejig the Options menu to make it a little less messy, as well as getting the Pause menu to work properly.
I also added a very simplistic "Invert Thumbstick Y" option to the options menu, which will have to suffice until I get around to wanting to do more stupid bloomin' menu organisation.

As well as that, I got the "Game Over" screen to work.
It works the same way as last years, with a number!=0 being set and that being assigned to different messages, be it "Game Over", "Level Complete", "Quit Game" or whatever else I can come up with as I move on.

Tackling scores will be next.
I've set aside 20 values per "level" or game mode (Easy/Normal/Hard), for up to 1024 levels.
It *should* be enough for most cases. I can't imagine making more than 1000 levels in anything like that.

.. I think!

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