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More Menu
  31st December, 2017
Have I mentioned how much I hate doing menus!?!


This framework is going to include a set of different "Level Select" menu types.

The first one that I tackled last night, is the default Easy, Normal, Hard, but with the option to expand that to any number of options simply by adding more to a single string.
I've learned to keep that as easy as possible!!

Today (maybe!) I'll tackle a numerical 0->9999 style of menu that gradually unlocks all the levels, as well as a more graphical "on a large sprawling path" 0->9999 menu, and then maybe some sort of unlocking grid that slowly expands.

With these different menus types available, I should hopefully be able to code an assortment of game types without having to deal with bloomin' menus!
.. I hope.

But the tricky part is, of course, having to build the menus in the first place.


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