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Another Build?
  30th December, 2017
Creation Crate #2 popped up yesterday, only 2.5 weeks after the last one did, and it was a nice fun little build+code event.

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Today I might fiddle about with the hardware and try to make the little speaker a little less loud.
Other than that, it was a fun thing to build, and it's nice that it has nicely tweakable code for fiddling about with.

Thought : I could combine the last crate's Mood-Lamp, and make it light up when you get the right answer!!
.. Maybe?!

Other than that, I managed a teensy bit of coding, but nothing really impressive.
I definitely need to get back to the framework, but Xmas has taken it's toll on my sleep.
Today, I slept until about 12:30, trying to catch-up on all the lack of sleep, and I feel a little better. Hopefully that means my mind's now prepared for all the coding.

*fingers crossed*

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