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Boxing Day's Events
  27th December, 2017
Note : Boxing day is what we in the UK call the day after Xmas Day.
I'm not sure why it's called that! Wiki!

The day went rather uneventfully.
A lazy morning, waking up rather late, but then using most of the morning to prepare for what was to come.


A family visit, meaning four extra voices in the house.
It went relatively smoothly, but by about 8pm, my head was thumping with all the noise. Yet, I continued to try to be as sociable as I could, up until after 12-midnight when I decided enough was enough, gave up, said my goodbyes, and retired to my bed.

Social situations are very much a struggle for me, nowadays, but I'm trying my best to not look as bad as I'm feeling.
I hope that the family can understand that, but suddenly disappearing towards the end of the night, maybe didn't seem all that great!

Bah, humbug.


I did at least manage to get a little bit of sidetracked coding done, yesterday.

Over the past few days, I've uploaded a bunch of photos to Twitter, only to find that when they're reposted to Facebook, the photos are horribly mangled by Twitter's constantly locked-down website.
People have to click to see the pictures (Without any previews) and are then bombarded by Twitter Log-in/Sign-up garbage, rather than getting to see the picture I'd uploaded.

Evil, Twitter.. Pure evil!!

So, instead, I've written my own little uploader.
I created a new version of the Socoder2 Upload script, which can be linked to my Twitter account (via the Tweetbot app), and let me upload pics directly there.

Hopefully it works well. It seems alright, but as always, looks can be deceiving! I'll be stress testing it over the next few days. .. Because I post a lot of crap to Twitter

Currently it's "Me only", but later I'll be trying to come up with a secure way to allow other Socoder users to upload, too.

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