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The Big Sleep
  17th December, 2017
I didn't wake up until about 12:30, today. Oops!


My sleeping pattern's become quite erratic in recent weeks, with me frequently staying in bed until ludicrous times, needing extra naps throughout the day, and more.
I think I'm probably exhausted from all the work I've been doing on the Framework for the past month or so.

It really has been a complicated journey to get everything done.

And yet, there's still much more to do.
With the game controller code now working to a moderately decent degree, I now need to rejig all the button code to work with the new redefinable "Key()" controller functions, rather than the older "PlayKey()" ones.
.. And more importantly, I need to remember that I have to keep doing that in future!!

So, controller's more or less done.
Today I'll be tidying up the touch/mouse code a little, as it's gotten a bit messy over the past few weeks.

Going through the checklist, and I've managed to tick a few extra boxes, but there's still an alarming number of boxes to check before I'm done.
..Scoreboards aren't even in there, yet!

*sigh* So much to do.

Now's not the time for napping!!

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