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Mac's Turn
  5th December, 2017
Logging into the Mac, I copied the AGameAWeek Framework folders over, and tried to run a lengthy scrambled mass of "Terminal" (stop calling it Command Prompt, Jay!) commands in order to get it compiling.

After about an hour or so of tweaking the command, I got the thing outputting GLFW errors, which is an improvement from what I started with!


Today will have to be spent trying to perfect the compile command, as well as figuring out exactly how to get various OpenGL/AL/etc stuff into the devkit.
I'm sure the Mac probably has some sort of fancy way to get all the bits and pieces installed, much like Linux does.. As opposed to the Windows method of "Start googling, find things, unzip them somewhere random, hope for the best".
Linux is a LOT tidier, in that you tell it "I want to code with OpenGL GLFW3" and it goes "OK, lemmie install that for you" and then it just plain works!
I'm hoping the Mac is like that, but by the point I was up to doing that, I'd already tired myself out.

.. Doesn't help that most of yesterday was spent putting up Xmas decorations around the house.
All is festive.

Which scares me, because it means I have WAY less time to finish this all off, than I thought I had.
Xmas is 20 days away, give or take today and the day itself. (I hate countdown maths!)
I really don't have a lot of time left to get all of this done, and yet I have SO much more to do.

Better get a move on, Jay!

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