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Controller Test
  3rd December, 2017
Time for another test.
If you're bored, are running Windows, have a controller or two at hand, and want to help out, please give this test a run.

Download the Test Here
(Windows only, right now. Linux is.. ... Being Linux!)


It currently only uses "Port 1", so whatever joystick/gamepad you want to test should be connected first, before running.

Run the exe, hit start, then play about with buttons and whatnot.
The button names onscreen should be approximately accurate, but if they're not, please do let me know what controller you're using.
The two thumbsticks (if indeed your controller HAS thumbsticks) should show up in the right spot, and with the correct axis.
If the Y Axis is wrong, again, be sure to let me know what controller you're using.

DPad should also work, but I've had issues with DPad in the past!!

Either way, tap, click and press away, and let me know how it goes.

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