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More Input..
  3rd December, 2017
OK, the mouse stuff seems to be working with overscan, now, which is good.
Additionally, the Game Controller code appears to be kinda ok.

I've set up the engine/framework/etc to assume all controllers are "The player's input", so I'm going to be doing 1-player only stuff until I can be bothered to faff about with it some more and implement multiplayer controller code!

Unfortunately, I don't 100% trust what GLFW3 is telling me.
The controller input list here is suggesting that DPad Up is "button #11", whilst my X360 pad is returning true for "button #10" whenever DPad Up is pressed.

I'll have to try a variety of controllers, I think, and try to figure out how best to handle the different types.

Worryingly, it might even be Win10, or the driver code, which is giving the incorrect result.

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