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Friday MusicAL?
  30th November, 2017

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Also available on SoundCloud or in the Pulp'ish Album.

I know it's not Friday!


The past couple of days have been focused on putting up Mum's new flatpacked Wardrobe and Chest of Drawers.
After all the moving around, I've been left feeling rather queazy and not up to coding, so it's been a couple of code-less days for me.
In order to catch up, I spent last night finishing off this week's SoCoder newsletter, posting the Friday ALChoon and getting everything ready for an early posting.
That way, I'm hoping to spend my usual "Thursday = Newsletter" instead doing some actual coding.

.. Or at least, that's the plan, anyway.

At some point, I also need to rewire most of the TV setup, so that the new telly can have its Signal Amplifier plugged in, since the Aerial signal isn't quite strong enough for Freeview HD. I bought one of those little One-For-All Signal boosters, in the hope that it does the job, but it needs it's own plug socket, and there really isn't an awful lot of plugs left, down there!

Anyway, today should be back to normal coding stuff.
I think!

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