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Nothing Much...
  29th November, 2017
Yesterday was a code-less day, and I expect today will be much the same.

Black Friday came and went, with purchases from both me and Mum.
I bought a new telly.
A 4K HD, 42 inch, Toshiba, Smart TV for only £329.
(I think!)

It turned up later on Monday, but too late too faff about with, so I left it until Tuesday to set it all up.
A nice little (big!) TV with all sorts of goodness.
I particularly like that it has a dedicated Netflix button on the remote. Lovely!
Also, having FreeviewPlay build in, means that Mum can easily scroll through the TV guide and select shows which then immediately play. That's SO much easier than fiddling about with all the different apps, trying to find things.

As for gaming.. I'll be sticking to the Switch and it's "standard" HD, and not really bothering with anything UltraHD. Mostly because I'm not enough of a player to warrant the cost of a PS4Pro or an XBox Box X XoxX.

Meanwhile, Mum's purchase of a new Wardrobe and Chest of Drawers arrived, flatpacked.
We spent most of yesterday building the chest of drawers, and today will be spent doing the wardrobe.
Hopefully that will happen a little quicker, since we vaguely know what we're doing, this time!
.. But something's bound to go wrong. It always does!

I might get back to coding, later on tonight.

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