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Ugh.. Menus..
  27th November, 2017
Seriously, though, I hate doing menus.

Instead of finishing things off, last night, I instead gave up and rearranged a bit of my bedroom. Because.. Anything but Menus!!


Today I need to finish off that silly all-important Options menu.
The menu more or less functions, but nothing actually does anything yet, since the audio commands don't connect to the volume settings.
That needs fixed, as does setting up the defaults.

It shouldn't be too taxing, but as it's such a chore trying to get every little function to work the way it should.

I'm glad that all of this stuff is held within the framework. It's one of the main reasons I started writing these things.
Once everything's handled by the framework, I can give up with tackling all of this horrible stuff, and focus entirely on the games themselves.

That's the fun bit

*moan moan moan*

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