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No Game! Highscores!
  7th October, 2008
I spent most of this week rebuilding a few of my older games with the new Highscore stuff, so there's a couple of nice new-ish games to play.

First off, we've the 3rd version of Horizontal Shooter.. Get it here. It's pretty much the same as ever, but with Mr Scouter from the original, thrown back in for good luck.
The new highscore method should help ward off nasty hackers from the scoreboard system.. Or at least for a little while, anyway.

There's 3 more inside!


Next up, Centipong! Yeay! Everybody loves Centipong! Even Pikawil plays Centipong!
The new version's available here, and, as with Horizontal Shooter, there's not much more.. Just a nice big highscore table on the titlescreen.
Get Centipong Here
The other two are pretty much the same game with a different skin. But they both have their own scoreboards, so they still count as 2 games

In Mario's Fiery Fourth, you must run around the level, collect the stars, kill the baddies, then exit via the warp-pipe when you've collected the set number of stars.. And round and round we go.. Download Mario's Fiery Fourth

Mr Money Grabber's pretty much the same thing, but you can't kill the baddies, and have to grab all the coins that you can before you're dead... and it's here!

As with all of my Scoreboard games, you can just type your name straight into the titlescreens.. With Mario's Fiery Forth you need to click the name thing, first, though! Once you've a name and a score, right click to submit + update the table. Nice and simple..

And that's it for this week.
With any luck, and a bit of imagination, there'll actually be a new game to play next week!
See you then..

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