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Afro's Chair!
Due to all manner of obscure things happening this week (A HD Crash being one of them..) this week's effort isn't anywhere near as good as last week's!!

Still, a game's a game, even without a titlescreen, music, sound, an ending, scores, or anything else like that..

A guy called Afro, over at Socoder had modelled a few little 3D objects. We all decided that the aim of this week's Wednesday Workshop #169 would be to take one or more of them, and pop them into a game.
Due to my rubbish lack of 3D knowledge, I just grabbed pictures of them, and used those instead!!

Out popped a game.
It's not much of a game, but it's something to play with..

You can Download Afro's Chair here..

Meanwhile, in other coder's news, the Monthly Workshop #12 asked folk to make games with Online Elements.
I haven't had a chance to code anything for it, (although Horizontal Shooter does indeed have online highscores, and my whole Online Highscore system was coded as part of this challenge...) but a couple of Socoder members bothered to attempt something.

You can download HoboBen's game here.

And download TikiHead's game here. (Once he's finished it!)


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