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Workshop Entries, weeks 61 to 90
30th January 2008  
Not as many fun little games, this time around, but weeks 61 through 90 brought about a few changes.
For starters, Coders Workshop closed down in week 64, which meant the whole Wed.Workshop thing was without a home. Consequently, I spent most of this period building up the whole Socoder website.. from scratch.. in notepad..
<img src=""> <img src="">
It took a while!
So, I missed a few workshops! As such there's only actually 14 games in this selection. There are some super special games, though.
<img src=""> <img src="">
The "CodersWorkshop" game is a miniature Top-down, Romp-around, Dungeon-esque game, only without much of the needed gameplay elements! There's a decent Picross game, with included Level editor. There's experiments with transparencies, tests with strange window resolutions, and there's even a backwards game thrown in for good measure.
<img src=""> <img src="">

You can <a href="">Download the Collection here</a>, and for more of the same, check out <a href="">Weeks 01 - 30</a>, <a href="">31 - 60</a> and my <a href="">complete entry list</a>.

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New games every week!
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