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Karl's OUYA Test
  11th October, 2013
Bah, humbug..

So, as I test out the many OUYA bits and pieces, I'm stumbling upon the many do's and don't's.
Apparently, one of the don't's is "Don't attempt to read data from images".
Karl's OUYA Test shows exactly why we shouldn't do that.
This test is as broken as it is on some other Android devices.

If you've an OUYA, you can give this game a whirl.
It's tricky, and somewhat impossible on most of the levels, due to the complex/brokenness of the levels being stored as images. Which is a shame, really, 'cos it's a nice little game otherwise.
I might fix this up, and release it properly.
.. or I might just move on, and ignore it.

You can Download Karl's OUYA Test here.
The standard Android/Windows/HTML5 version is available in the Archive.

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