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Jay's Button Test
  10th October, 2013
Testing time, again.
Today, I purchased 2 very different, yet entirely similar devices.

First, a wire. Very cheap!
It allows me to plug an X360 controller into my Nexus7 device, and use it as an ingame controller, but only on games which support it.

Second, an OUYA. Nicely cheap!
It allows me to plop Android games on it, and assuming they're developed nicely, also lets folk play my games with a controller..

I'm not currently in a "Play with the OUYA"-able position, and am leaving that until the morning, but for now I've been badgering away with my controller code, to get it working on the Nexus with the 360 controller.
So far, seems ok.
I'm not sure exactly where it stopped working, but the DPad of the X360 pad no longer seems to work. hmmm..
Other than that, though, all the buttons seem to be working just fine.

If you'd like to help me test various things, you can grab either/both of the following.

1. Windows EXE (3.5Mb)
2. Android APK (surprisingly, also 3.5Mb!!)

Give them a whirl, and try them out with whatever controllers you have handy.
I'd especially love to get some feedback from anyone that has an Android device with physical buttons, like DPad and stuff.. My Nexus7 doesn't have anything other than volume control and an off switch. .. I didn't think that bit through, when making my "Test Device" purchase!!

Anyway, whatever you've got, try it, and report back any oddities/successes/failures you happen to hit along the way.
Thanks to any/all help.

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