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Such a long long day...
29th October 2009  
Sometimes you have really productive days.
Occasionally, though, those really productive days seem to drag on and on, and not actually produce much at all!

Here's what I've done today.

1. We're up to 5 skins, since I added a plain rock+lava one.
Plenty of graphical variety, but only as much as it's still a bunch of squares making up a maze!

2. Added the nice filter down level drop effect back into the game.
It's a nice enough effect. No need to jazz it up, nor remove it.
It worked, that's good enough for me.

3. Hunted for Music.
This part took AGES!
At first I was going to make all-new music, then the thought of having to do a piece of music for each skin made me cry a little!
So rather than do that, I used the typical Jay-style thing of reusing music from my old games.
Thematically they are...
Garden Skin = Pipeline / PipeRunners
Pacman Skin = Blockman's Theme (I did actually redo this one from scratch, even if it doesn't sound like it!)
Ice Skin = Splat
Egyptian Skin = Greenie - The Eccentric Egyptologist
Rock/Lava Skin = Greenie's Gameboy Adventure
For the most part, it kinda fits.
Where it doesn't, it's not noticable, so that's good enough!!

4. Sound Effects.
I've upped the pitch of Blockman's eating because it seemed to be a point of complaint for folk. *shrugs*
Other than that it currently sounds about the same.

5. Arrows
Lastly tonight, I've just got around to adding little simple one-way paths into the mix. A very easy method involving little arrows. It'll probably break the game the way it is, so plenty of AI needs to be added to the Arrow dropping to ensure it's not impossible. I'll probably drop the "Path Mode" AI back in, and use that.

All in all, things are looking fairly gamey at this point.
Still loads more to do, though!

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