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22nd October 2007  
A list of games you can download, and play in Windows. Most systems can suitably handle most of these games, so no need to worry if you've a slow machine.

To help neaten things up, I've moved all my main Platdude games to their own <a href="">JNKPlat</a> page.
The <a href="">Greenie</a> page has become home to some of my Remakes.
You can find the best of my <a href="">Wednesday Workshop</a> entries, all ripe for the picking.
And if you still want to try out some more stuff after all that, you can check out the <a href="">Space Monkeys</a>.

and then, there's...

Star Trek Pong : 3!

Back when I worked in Amos on the Amiga, I coded a silly little test game of Pong with the 2 Enterprises batting a ball to each other. It was very silly! Then I made Star Trek Pong 2 on the Amiga, and added all sorts of collectible items. It was kind of like Arkanoid, but for Pong. And it was still silly, but it was also fun!
When I first got started in Blitz, I made Star Trek Pong 3, and this is it. It's still silly, but it's still fun. Think of it as Arkanoid meets Pong... But with Deathmatch rules thrown in, too.
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
<a href="">Download Star Trek Pong 3</a>

Stringy Things 2

One of the last games I made in Green's 8-bit Tiny Collection was Spell Em. As soon as I'd created it, I realised how much fun it was to play, and decided to build it up into a bigger collection of word games. The result was Stringy Things, which was a good game to play, but not exactly the best looking game in the world. A year later I recreated it with much better graphics. Stringy Things 2 is probably the best collection of word games you could have in one single download!
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
<a href="">Download Stringy Things 2</a>

Even More!

For the latest info in my Windows game creation, check out the <a href="">WinDev</a> section of the site, and to try out a few of the oddities, you can take a peek at the <a href="">Experimental</a> section.

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