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20th October 2009  
This week, due to popular demand, Blockman's Getting More.
As you may have read, I attempted a new art style (fweeDee!!) last week, which really didn't work out at all.
So, this week I'm aiming for the Pseudo popped-out-a-bit art style, and all seems happy in the world of Blockman.


Blockman Gets More : Day One : Art

As with the original, I'm starting with the art. This is kind of a weird backwards thing that I'm doing, since I usually leave the art until I've at least got a basic game running. But here it's Art first, get it looking good, then build a tilemap engine and get the game going.
So far, the images are 100% PaintshopPro, but should be pretty simple to piece together ingame.

It's a simple enough art style, but one that adds that extra little bit of oomph to the overall game's presentation.

Two simple graphical styles are attempted so far, and no doubt I'll need a whole batch more.
Progression seems to be the key, so I'll bundle each art style into a seperate little graphic file, and they should all be able to load wherever they're needed.

As with the previous version I'll be attempting to keep everything re-color-able, so the blueness of the bars will obviously be tweakable, although the green bushes.... not so much!

Other styles? I'm currently thinking of the usual generic standards, so little kiddy's blocks, an egyptian theme, that kind of thing.
If you can think of any more, let me know!

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