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Lack of interest in "Arcade Slots"
16th October 2009  
I got the basic slot machine reels working.
A couple of nice functions. 1 to fill them up, 1 to draw them.
Nudges work, Holds work.
Everything vaguely important works..

Then I added the Pacman sprites.

and started to get that "I've already done this, there's nothing new I can add..." feeling.

I think I'm done with Arcade Slots.
I've already done it..
There's nothing new to add.

:sad face:


What we need is a quick interim game.
Maybe 2 or 3.
Short sweet games that just about vaguely count as being games.

Because, I think I've decided on a bigger project.
You know the type.
The games that last about 3 or 4 weeks, and that inexplicably soak up the time just enough that I can create a few duff games.

This week's game will probably be a duff game.

There's another game that seems to keep calling me back.
Blockman Gets wasn't finished, and we all know it.
There's SO much more I could do with that game, it's silly.
The fact that I'm even considering a sequel less than a month later, suggests that it's definitely got potential.
So I might as well jump on that little bandwagon whilst it's still fresh in my mind.

Blockman Gets More
XNA and Xbox Indie.
Expanded "Path" mode
Darts and/or Ghosts
Highscores and Best Times for each level
Jumping, but without enabling the player to cheat!!!

If there are thoughts and suggestions, let them be known now!

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