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Y2:W9 - Munky's Block
13th October 2009  
The last time we tried Munky Blocks we had 1 munky and many blocks. Munky had to collect the blocks, piece them together to form coloured areas, and blammo, they vanished.
This time, we only have one block.
Munky needs to pick up that block, and place it on top of the red button, to open up the red exit, and then he can leave.
A simple enough concept, but one that took so long to build I didn't really have time to build a decent set of levels.
A shame.


No matter, there are 10 levels included, ranging from "This is how the game works" to "Ooh, that's quite nice".

You can Download Munky's Block Here, and don't forget to vote and comment.

Level Editing

If you want to build levels, go ahead.
Open them in Notepad, and tweak away.
The levels are stored in the level directory, and follow the pattern of "Level Pack - Number - Title.lev"
Follow the pattern, and your levels will appear on the menu, Left and Right will pick a pack, up and down will pick a level.
Let me know how you get on, and feel free to send them in for future releases. (!)

m,b = Munky and Block
B = Button, X = Exit
D,E = Door and horizontal door, d = door open button
K = Key, G = Gate
r = rope, R = top of rope, P = Platform on rope, p = Pulley
1 = Floor, 2 = Dark floor

Oh, yeah, and they can go right up to 250x250 tiles in size, so feel free to go crazy!
Only one block, though!

AGAW Scoring
It's a shame that this week's isn't bigger, but what can I say, I suck at making levels nowadays!
No matter, another game..
We're on a 9 weeks : 9 games ratio, and that's good enough for me!

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