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When demotivation strikes...
26th June 2009  
Yesterday turned out rather well.
I actually coded a complete game, from start to finish, logo, audio, everything, yesterday.
It's pretty good, and will be our AGameAWeek come Tuesday. (Because, if I posted it today, there'd be nothing to post on Tuesday!!)

Look forward to more shootyshooty stuff!


Meanwhile, I suppose I should get to Patent Wars. Thing is, I lost a crapload of little patent images when my Cookie died the other day, and..
It's really demotivated me quite a bit.
Is that even a word?
...It is now!

So, I'm spending today trying to get back into the swing of things. Maybe draw a few new patents, and head over to TigSource, where Kaizen got a few folk involved, and grab all of those. That'll help.

After that, I still have all the little cards to design, and then I can get to building more of the actual game's framework. Woot!

Whether the first edition will still end up on the phone, I'm not sure. I might actually give the Windows version a shot, instead!

Interestingly, my new phone LG Viewty, is 100% compatible with my LG Cookie games. Same resolution and everything, so... I guess that's a good thing!

If you have a touchscreen phone/pda, go try a couple of my games, and let me know if they work on your phone. Should at least show me if there's an audience out there!

Thanks all.

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