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Two Games you probably can't play!
9th June 2009  
I've about 20-odd projects on the go, this week, so you'll have to excuse the lack of blog entries, and even a decent AGameAWeek game.

Most of this week was spent trying to roll a dice! (die, whatever)
I figured that, with 4 frames per roll, I'd need around about 200+ frames of animation.
I tried to work out all the animations, and it drove me crazy!
Then I rested, and eventually worked out a way to do it, without bothering to animate it, which was a lot simpler to do.
Then the game idea I'd had actually turned out to be really rubbish, and the whole dang thing got scrapped.

Aw well, what can you do!

So, within a mostly wasted week, take a peek inside and see what I actually did do!

1. Raining Bombs [LG Cookie / Touchscreen J2ME Java]

A Tanks clone for the Cookie.
I was originally planning on regular hills, but the cookie couldn't really handle it.
Poor wee thing!
So, instead, I opted for rectangles since they're much easier and quicker at drawing.

Hmm.. What kind of rectangles would look good?

And with the buildings came a little rule change.
Rather than the usual "Hit your opponent", I set the two tanks (turrets?) atop 13-block-high buildings. The aim is now to destroy the opponent's tower, so the tank falls below the bottom of the screen.
First one off the floor is the loser!

Simple, but effective!
You can Download Raining Bombs here.

2. Blockman DS [DS!]

I mentioned a while back that Platdude's Retro Collection 2 seemed to have run out of steam. I'm not really sure why that happened, but looking back on the collection now, the 4 games that were in there weren't really fantastic to start with.
So, I guess it was inevitable, really.

Still, I made a half decent Blockman clone, even if it is a little less colourful than the original!
Same levels as before. Just hop around, grab all the blocklets, and guide them all back home.
It's a shame I couldn't figure out what to do with the upper screen!

You can Download Blockman DS here.

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New games every week!
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