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  3rd August, 2011
Spent some time today doing a bunch of little tweaky things.
First off, late last night, I started on reformatting SpikeDislike's GameCenter code, to make it a bit more universal, and easy to plop into other games.

Took about an hour to get everything working nicely, integrated into Daisy Chains, and get the highscores up and running.


This morning I spent a few hours drawing a few of those ludicrously high-resolution Achievement badges that Apple want me to use. Never seen anything bigger than about 64x64 for those Achievements on the iPhing, but.. hey, whatever..!

11 down, more to come.

The next big step is to build an Arcade mode (a 4th daisy/button on the titlescreen) with more elements to it.
As I add the elements in, I'll be able to build up the achievements a bit, and thing should build up quite nicely.
.. hopefully!


After doing the lovely badge things, I finally got around to adding a PlayMyCode setup inside my JayArchive.
If you head there now, you'll find that my first few PMC games are all lovingly held within the archive.
I was too lazy to add them all today, so I'll be spending some more time doing that tomorrow, but at least the main part's done!
From here on, I need only take 2 shots of each game, pop in the title and a link, and blammo.. Game in the Archive!
.. That can wait

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