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Thinking Small..
  2nd August, 2011
Random thought..

There's no denying it..
I LOVE making these tiny games.


For the past week or so, I've been contemplating a complete rethink of my iApps.

Currently I'm doing AGameAWeek/Day quickly, then spending time making nice chunky iPhing apps, with lovely juicy stuff.
I'm wondering, though, what would happen if I switched the iPhing apps to be similarly teensy tiny things.

I'm considering doing some sort of multi-pack/compendium type of thing.
A pack of, say 4 games, wrapped in a generic menu system, with gamecenter scores for each..

4 Games on the titlescreen, pick a game, pick Easy/Medium/Hard, play game, die, return to menu. (4*3 = 12, so definitely enough GameCenter scoreboards.)

So, yeah. .. I'm trying to come up with a nice reusable name for it, I'll work on a basic framework to contain all 4 and handle the Gamecenter, because I'm too lazy to keep redoing it, and then I'll set about making some games and throwing out the first one.

If it's popular, I can then reuse the framework and throw out another collection.
.. Is that a plan?!
I'm not sure.
It might work, or it might end up like a bag of crap!

.... *shrugs*

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