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Promo Stuffs
  26th July, 2011
(Apologies, it's a bit "half-asleep/randomly ranty/jumping through topics/freeflow" today!!)

As an iDev guy, I get 50 codes per Update for all my games. I can hand these out to reviewers or folk I know.
So, off they go, sent out, willy nilly, to all the reviewers/people I can find, and see where it takes me.


SpikeDislike didn't take much coaxing.
In fact, I'm pretty damn sure TouchArcade posted the review before I started sending out the first of the reviewers, which spurred me on to keep a bunch of them, not even bother "doing the rounds", and instead I gave more to the peeps.
'cos they wanted 'em!!

Sheep.. . well, we all know how that went..
With Sheep I tried every reviewer I could find, sending out about 30-odd promo codes, and in the end the only one who did actually review Sheep Goes Left were the kind folks at FreeApp Hero. Who didn't even get sent a promocode.
Thanks guys!
You guys kick ass!


I've yet to properly begin my "PR Bonanza!!" for Daisy Chains. It's been a hectic week.
Maybe next week, if I can muster the energy!!
But I'm, again, thinking about how to go about giving out promocodes.

The usual groups are fine.
I have a strict list of 10 folk (/12 once I realised a couple weren't on twitter!!) that always get a code, right off the bat.
A couple have actually asked me, this week, "why do I keep getting these?!"
If you find yourself getting immediate freebie codes, it's because you've helped me at some point, and I'm quite generous!

After that, I have a "first codes" 10 (/8!), which get scattered about the net.
I hold a couple back incase anyone randomly asks.. Not everyone dares randomly ask for a code, but some people aren't as held back as I am, and will clutch for anything that seems grabbable! I keep a couple for those.

These are all gone.. Already!

At this point, there's 25 for Review begging, and 5 for "bonus" stuff.

hmm.. where DID I put that list..!?


I find myself looking, fairly often, at people mentioning SpikeDislike on twitter. It's a great feeling that people are still enjoying it after all these months. (averages about 10 players per day, according to the GameCenter leaderboards, which isn't bad when you consider there's actually less than 900 on there!)

It'd be nice if, occasionally, I could reply to some of these, and say things like...
"Try the Semi-sequel to Spike Dislike : Sheep Goes Left : Have a PromoCode!"
But you can't do that in Twitterland.
As soon as you send out that promocode, Blammo, it'll be gone.

The only other option, as far as I can tell, is to start friending these people so you can PrivateMessage them, and include the promocode...
But then you risk looking like some kind of twitchy freaked out spambot!

I'm not a spambot!
I write too many games to be a spambot...
... ... unless that was their plan all along...?!

I wonder if GooglePlus might help me here. But I also wonder that whatever secret method I find, will shortly become yet another stupid way to send me 100,000 times more spam BACK!

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