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  22nd July, 2011
Won't be posting a blog tonight, so might as well do it now.
Long long night..
Sat up writing the newsletter 'til late, then posted the short blog, then headed to bed about 1am..
After lying there playing Sheep Goes Left for an hour or two, I finally drifted off, only to wake up at 5am.-=-=-

I've been sitting half-asleep all morning, trying to nod off, or at least vaguely give up for the day, but seem to keep doing odd bits and pieces.

I spent an hour making a proper-ish (by my shitty standards) trailer for Daisy Chains. That's not too bad, and again, sounds better with background music..
Anyhoo, I figured Apple would take a week, so I shoved my usual +7 days onto the game's release date..
Unfortunately, I can't count, so it'll be tomorrow before it appears. derp!
(or at least.. I hope it's tomorrow!!)

Hunt the AppStore for Daisy Chains and you might find it early!

I also made another AGameADay.
It's very Spike Dislike, but the controls are vastly different/quirky.
Is it better?
Nah, not in my opinion.. But.. you know.. it's a game..!
Considering I was half asleep, blindly typing, and trying to use bits of BlitzMax and ObjC inside PlayMyCode, I think I managed quite well!

Fun Fact
In the PlayMyCode HowTo Video, I actually started to code an extra bit, with little seeds falling, and you having to catch them. I managed quite a lot of the code, then went "Oh, FFS!!!" when I noticed I'd used "For-Next" loops, instead of DD's "Number.times() Do" loops.
Couldn't be arsed fixing the video, so it stops there!!

Anyhoo, going to attempt a nice big sleep tonight, so this'll do for today's blog.
Nanite all!!

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