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PRC2 : Day 11 : Finally, Game #3!
22nd March 2009  
With more tweaking than my head could stand, I finally got Game #2 wrapped up yesterday, so I'm finally starting on Game #3, today.
As stated previously, Game #3 will be reusing quite a lot of the core engine that Game #2 used, so it should be short and sweet putting it all together, like some kind of coded jigsaw puzzle.

Once that's done, Game #4's ready to get going (ie, I have a vague idea in my head!) and will also be coded in Blitz for this week's AGameAWeek, so watch out for that.. .. within 2 days! eeek!

Carrying on from there, I've got a few quicky ideas in mind that'll do for games #5,6 and 7, although.. Whether #7 will be easy, I'm not too sure.. If not, I'll have to come up with another idea, instead. I still have the large list of ideas, over at GBATemp to refer to. So, shouldn't be too hard!

Oh, and the basics of the menu are in.
The border of the titlescreen looks amazingly similar to PRC1's titlescreen, having been copy+pasted across
I'm not sure if the actual menu method will be the same, and right now it's not even a menu.. it's a case of "Tap the screen to play the game I'm currently working on" which seems to work reasonably well

Anyhoo, I'm getting ahead of things.. Game #3 has to be done first!

So I'm off to do that.
Wish me luck!

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