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PRC2 : Day 10? : Still Game #2!
21st March 2009  
Off and on, a bit at a time, the past few days, what with the DIY, and the AGameAWeek, and the Socoder work the past few days.. So, rather than call 10 minute sessions a day at a time, I'll call them a great big long "Popping in and out, looking at the code, struggling to figure out what's wrong, and then going to do something else instead" day.
It's a cheat, but since the annoying issue is still there, it still counts!

I'm stuck on Game #2.
And it's annoying that I'm stuck on game #2.
Because this small (really small!) bug is actually integral to a lot of other games.
Game #3, for one, will need this working.
See, as much as I got the wraparound sprites working, occasionally (not very often, but occasionally) one or two of them will inexplicably vanish from sight.
It's very annoying, and I'm still wrestling with the code to get them working.

I'd like to move on, but still I'm here at Game #2.

Progress is slow.
I hate bugs.

More later.

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