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PRC2 : Day 1 : Music
25th February 2009  
For DS Development, I use PALib and DevKitPro.

DevKitPro compiles everything nicely for the DS, whilst PALib is a set of functions that makes everything nice and usable, as opposed be being a baffling chaotic mess!

However, if you try updating it, a whole fleet of incompatibilities arise, be it because of DevKitPro changing, or PALib. And, it's not just little things either. A simple PALib upgrade will mean that pretty much all of my old games start getting little breaks in them, and it's a whole big bunch of work to fix 'em all.
So, for that reason, I've stuck to an old edition of PALib and DevKitPro (They're both here, in my Quick-Learn DS Jumpstart guide.)

The two I'm using work well enough that my games will run well. And that's the important bit.

A slight issue that I've had though, is that I've always wanted to hop about inside my music. Today, I spent an hour trying to figure out how to do that, and tweaking PALib to allow it. I ended up having to change PA_PauseMod into a jumpy function, because.. well.. I gave up trying to add a whole new function!! It's rather chaotic inside PALib!

With that finally achieved, I opened up a mod editor, and created my first title theme. This'll be the first track you hear when you load up the game.

: Download

After that, each and every game will (should!) have it's own little jingle that plays when you select it. So, I've got a whole lot of work to do there, but it should be fun to come up with so many tunes.
Since the Jumpy function now works, rather than have 100 different music files, I can clump them all together into a nice big mod, include "stop" points after each jingle, and then jump directly to the jingle that I need at the time.

Now I'm going to sit here for a while, and make up a few little jingles, and maybe a few default ones for "Game Over" and "Level Complete" and things like that.

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