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22nd December 2008  
What a year, eh!

I decided to round off the year with a nice big, old fashioned list, with everything in it.

Except this doesn't have everything in it, because I've forgotten to add the DS games.. I'll do that later!! (Took me about 3 hours to do this, so I'm not going to tweak it, now!!)

Anyway, here's a nice great big list of every game (again, apart from the DS ones) that I made in 2008. It's quite a big list, too..
31 Games.
OK, so maybe not a game for Every week of the year, but considering I only just changed the site to "" in July, that's not bad going!

Next year, I'll try to keep up the pace, and get a whole 52 games out.

The entire game collection is all wrapped up in this nice big 32Mb file, right here..
And if you want to see it's contents, along with screenshots, descriptions, and seperate downloads for each game, the great big list is inside.


BeHandy : Download 515Kb
03 January, 2008
A Bejeweled style game with Hands!
You're given 10 moves, and must score as many points as you can. Each hand symbol has a different effect.
Centipong : Download 1789Kb
13 January, 2008
A crazy mixup of Centipede and Pong, that seems to work a lot better than it really should!
A nice upbeat game, that plays more like Breakout/Arkanoid than either of the other two games.
Steaks : Download 366Kb
20 January, 2008
Garbage Alert! This game is rubbish..
Someone drew some silly stick figures, so I took them and made a silly game.
Blockman : Download 793Kb
28 January, 2008
Yeay! Blockman!
Use Blockman to guide the Blocklets to their home, avoiding the evil monsters as you go.
This game plays a lot like the Sega classic "Flicky"
BlockDuo : Download 393Kb
03 February, 2008
Garbage Alert! This game is rubbish..
A Bizarre, unreleased, unfinished, experimental test.
Jump Blockman with the / key, and Blocklet with the key, and get as many points as you can.
I wanted this game to be fun.. But it isn't!
So I gave up...
Rects : Download 456Kb
08 March, 2008
Garbage Alert! This game is rubbish..
Tap the rectangles as they fly upwards.
Alien Deathmatch : Download 3165Kb
09 March, 2008
Take Alien Breed, sprinkle on some Geometry Wars, and out pops Alien Deathmatch.
It's sequel "Alien Deathmatch 2 : Breeds" is lower down on this list, but there's no reason you shouldn't also try out this one, too..
Barry the Bourbon Biscuit : Download 494Kb
08 April, 2008
Hop, Jump and collect as many chocolate buttons as you can, to fill up Barry the Bourbon Biscuit's lovely chocolately middle bit.
Bourbon Biscuits...
Minesweeper : Download 993Kb
22 April, 2008
The idea was to add something new to Minesweeper.
I couldn't think of anything, so this is just Minesweeper.
Puzzobomb : Download 994Kb
27 April, 2008
A simple Puzznic clone, which also included a Bomb tile that could be used in a few levels.
Nicely made, but lacking Bomb based levels..
Still, there's about 2500 other levels in there, so you can't complain.
Lojigz : Download 459Kb
05 May, 2008
Place the numbers and mathematical equations into the holes to complete the function!
Yeay! Maths is fun!!!
Garbage Alert! This game is rubbish..
WhoSave : Download 1016Kb
28 May, 2008
I forgot all about this one!
A nice basic 3D Dr Who Tunnel screensaver, that can also fly your photos, too..
Red Green Gets : Download 363Kb
30 May, 2008
Get the Green dots, but don't get the Red ones..
I make this game far too often!
It's still fun, though!
The Event : Download 719Kb
06 July, 2008
Pop the fireworks as close to their center as you can.
This game has a nice background!
MunkyBlocks : Download 988Kb
20 July, 2008
This is the semi sequel to Puzzobomb, made because I had a silly animation in mind.
And I actually got the animation to work, and look half decent, too!!
The Heist : Download 788Kb
31 July, 2008
Steal the money from the vault (Hit the green buttons!), then escape with the loot.
There's even a shootout involved!
RetroRaider : Download 520Kb
08 August, 2008
Another Game Mashup!
Take 1 part Atari 2600 Pitfall, throw in some Tomb Raider, and you get this little gem.
Guns, Vines, and even a ghost replay function are all in here.
Mr Money Grabber : Download 425Kb
10 August, 2008
A very simple platformer, just like Barry the Bourbon Biscuit (it even has much of the same engine.)
Except, this time, the coins are all rolling around, and there's monsters to kill you, too.
SpaceLoops : Download 801Kb
22 August, 2008
A remake of the old Dos game BoogaLoopers.
I used to love that game, but it's a pain trying to get it to run nowadays. So here's this one, instead.
And it has online highscores, too!
Spider : Download 622Kb
22 August, 2008
Another game with Online Highscores.
This game's actually based on a sample program that comes with BlitzBasic.
Cowbell Hero : Download 1172Kb
26 August, 2008
Because everybody needs more Cowbell
Bibbleman2 : Download 584Kb
08 September, 2008
This is a sequel to a strange super-retro Sokoban style game I made a while ago.
It's pretty much the same game, but I used it to test out BlitzMax's basic functionality.
Basically, just run the balls through the maze, using the two characters.
Afro's Chair : Download 416Kb
19 September, 2008
Afro started making a whole bunch of 3D models, and I decided to make a game out of one of them.
But in 2D..
With an animated chair.
Sheriff Munky : Download 2460Kb
02 October, 2008
Get Sheriff Munky through the area, using Up to jump over, and Down to duck under all the obstacles in his way.
There's also Birds to shoot at, too.
H~S : Horizontal Shooter : Download 1058Kb
06 October, 2008
Wave your mouse around, and shoot lazers!!
This game's great, and looks all nice and swooshy, and stuff!!
"ithamore : It is like someone???s long lost dream was brought back to life by another."
BallUp : Download 606Kb
21 October, 2008
Garbage Alert! : This game is rubbish...
Get the Ball Up, and rack up as many points as you can.
Snake : Download 1239Kb
28 October, 2008
Just your plain basic Snake game, but with a timer, and some bombs..
The Gear That Works : Download 1056Kb
13 November, 2008
Connect the cogs using the random selection of cogs provided.
Get all the cogs going, to gain more points.
Wheel of No Prizes, Whatsoever : Download 1776Kb
13 November, 2008
A Hangman game, with the wheel from Wheel of Fortune.
DartGets : Download 1213Kb
08 December, 2008
Garbage Alert! : This game is rubbish...
Hit the dartboard, and try to get as close to the target score as you can.
That's it..
Alien Deathmatch 2 : Breeds : Download 3249Kb
19 December, 2008
The sequel to Alien Deathmatch.
Now with more swooshyness!

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