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19th March 2024

Join an epic battle of Red and Blue, as you blast both your lasers at the incoming storm.
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- Left/Right
- Weapon One
- Weapon Two

What I Didn't Do

Gosh, this game came together really well, if I'm honest.
The balancing took a little tweaking, but I think I found a nice middleground between too many extra lives, and not enough death!

I would've liked to have made a "SUPER WEAPON!!" powerup, but I couldn't think of a nice way to do that, which wouldn't break the game's own logic.
For example, if you powered up the meter and earned a Super Weapon, and then the meter reset, and you used the new multi-coloured blaster to destroy all enemies with one weapon, then sure that'd fill the meter back up, and you'd instantly re-earn the weapon again and again and again...!?

Instead, then, you get an extra life when you fill it up, but then the next extra life requires 2x the meter, and so on, thus making it harder and harder to earn extra lives as you go.

I think that's a good balance, right?!
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