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29th January 2023

The Mutant Monkey Nuts are attacking. Squirt off their Mutant Hats and gobble them up, quick.
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- Move
- Flap
- Squirt

What I Didn't Do

This week's game came out of an indecision as to whether Elegant Eagle or Elegant Elephant sounded like the better title for this week's game.
In the end, I decided not to choose, and instead pick both.

Although I didn't add any powerups, I also didn't plan any powerups, either, so in this case I didn't not do them!!

I'll be honest, this game didn't nearly get finished.
At some point yesterday I started to get a horrible repetitive feeling, and almost scrapped it, but ultimately decided against scrapping it, because..
Gosh, Eaglephants are cute
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New games every week!
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