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5th December 2022
Yesterday's coding was mostly focussed on GotoJSE.


I've rejigged how the strings work, because.. For reasons I'm not 100% sure of, Javascript's replace function seems to have all kinds of issues with Dollar signs, reducing things from two $$ to a single one.
I guess whoever added that functionality was hinting about the value of the dollar halving, or something. They should probably have done the same for the pound sign, too..

Anyway, that's fixed now, and I've finally added Rect and Oval drawing to the Image/Symbol editor, as well as fixing a couple of odd quirks in there, to make things a little easier to work with.

Next I need to add Undo to the image editor, but in my head that's a much more complicated job, requiring multiple undo steps for multiple symbols, and a whole lot of memory to go along with it.
I might leave that idea to ferment for a while.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

I also spent a bit of time with that currently-popular OpenAI Chatbot, where I rapidly taught it how to write code in GotoJSE, and got it to code a nice little waveform. Soon, you'll be able to ask an AI for a little game, and it would literally write the thing, right in front of your eyes.
It's absolutely mind-boggling that it could achieve such a thing in just a few requests, especially given that it didn't "really" know GotoJSE at all.
You can See the entire conversation in this post. (Click Reveal to see it all)

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