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28th August 2022
JNKPlat has been thrust upon the world of Switch, and now it's the watching game, as people try to decide if they like it or now.


I do wonder if folk "get" the whole Two-Jump-Button mechanic in JNKPlat. I personally think it gives it a nice extra layer of playability, but I know some other people REALLY don't like it!
In some previous JNKPlats, I've bothered to integrate a single button jump version, but given how well a Nintendo controller's Y-B-A buttons work with the Two-Buttons, with you being able to rock your thumb side to side to make the leaps, I've opted to leave the Switch version as a Two-Button only version.

I've also hidden the Level Editor. It's still in there, but considering there's no real way to share your levels, I've made it an unmentioned extra.

As far as bugs go, I drew his slide frame the wrong bloomin' way round, and only noticed when I took the above screenshot.
It's fine... Nobody'll notice it. Don't point it out, and it'll be ok, Jay!

So.. JNKPlat's done.
And RetroRaider, and the larger Alien Deathmatch.

What's next on my list of SmileBASIC Monthlies?
I was considering doing a new Munky Blocks, but that'll also need a whole host of levels, and an editor. Given how hard it was to make 100 JNKPlat levels, and I'm generally good at making those, the prospect of doing 100 Munky Blocks levels isn't quite as appealing.

Is it time to make that multiplayer "Popcorn Bucket"?
That requires "proper" controller support, so that people can hop in and out of the game.
Though my SmileBASIC Framework can happily work with two joycons, it won't handle anything else.
Looks like it might be time to finally get that stuff added to the Framework..

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