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A Simple Game
29th July 2022  
Oh dear, here comes another lazy-Jay game..


Way way way back at the start of the Shoebox, I added in "Higher" and "Lower" buttons.
You can see them, about halfway down on the right hand side, here.

I don't *think* I used them anywhere, but they were intended for a relatively simple "Higher or Lower" game.
Yesterday I finally started work on that, and it'll be the game for next week.
I know it's nothing fantastic, but I have at least added decent scoring to jazz it up a bit.

So that's next week in the bag... I say next week, Monday's only 3 days away.

Next job...
I really do need to finish off that level-select for Browsercade. I started on a Calendar based Daily-Level interface a while ago, but abandoned it halfway through.
I should work on that, and then I can get Quadoban into Browsercade, as well as other level-based goodies.

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New games every week!
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