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Cloudy Day
26th July 2022  
I wrote a poem about clouds, and drew a pixelart about clouds..
Yesterday, I also started a game about clouds!!


Aww, clouds! And a happy little plane.

I'm assuming this is going to be a shoot-em-up, but currently haven't decided what the enemies will be or anything of that sort.


The cloud parallax is quite nice, though, making good use of GotoJSE's Skew functionality!
Going to have to knuckle down and figure out what the game'll be.
Wish me luck!!

Fun Fact : I started with a helicopter, then thought "Nah, I've done way too many helicopters.. Better make it a plane." and tweaked the front to be a plane instead.
.. Which is why in the screenshot above, it still has the rear rotor, because I forgot to change that!
I've changed that, now!!

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