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A Cooler Day
21st July 2022  
Yesterday was much cooler, but it wasn't a day for coding..


The newsletter and ALChoon needed doing, specifically the lyrics for the ALChoon which didn't have any until about 2pm yesterday!

And they're not great.
And the mixing's not great.
I should probably avoid doing lyrics!!

You can Listen to "Variable Countryside" in the Variable ALBum


I did make a small start on Trilume in Browsercade, so I think that'll be this week's AGameAWeek.
"Gosh, that sounds fun, Jay! How far have you got making that game!!"


I do like Trilume, but.. boy, can it be tricky!
I figured I'd better add another Puzzle game into the Browsercade, since it's currently a set of over 50 games and only one puzzle game! Eeek!

Right.. Coding! Go!!!

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