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Heatwave : Day One
19th July 2022  
*phew* That was a scorcher..


In Bolton, it's currently "only" 35 degrees. It reached about 37 yesterday, and good grief that was an effort!
Over the course of today, it may or may not reach 40.

As far as "getting things done" goes, I fiddled about with a bit of this week's ALChoon, but nothing substantial seemed to come out of my efforts.
I also tweaked a couple of elements of Alien Deathmatch Arena, got the enemy spawning to be a little more balanced, and then worked on expanding the test arena out a little.
That seems to be going alright, but now needs weapons.
.. Oh, and a GUI..
And the Menu.

And then more arenas.

Oh the fun.

I should probably also start to think about an AGameAWeek game for the week, but .. hmm..

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