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18th July 2022  
Best thing about far too hot and having to sit at the opened front door all day, sweltering in the heat..?

.. You get tons of drawing done on your SmileBASIC game!


Yesterday was a scorcher, but today's going to be even hotter.
35C is estimated for Bolton, today, and 38 tomorrow.
Us Brits just aren't used to such high temperatures.
Already, last night, my arms blotched up with their "Heat Rash", and I have no idea how bad I'm going to be tonight.


I spent most of the day sat at the front door, trying to stay cool, so decided to take the time to do all those alien sprites that I've been putting off having to draw.
Nice and chilled, relaxed, and doodley, I managed to get all the little creatures in place.
I then added movement, and proper deaths, and now things are definitely starting to feel a little more like they should.

Today's task will be to draw a few levels, and then tackle the menu system to make it more.. Alien Deathmatch like.
..and stay cool.
Let's see which of those ends up being the priority!!

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