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17th July 2022  
It's too hot to code, and the UK Heatwave is about to kick off into temperatures previously unseen in the UK since the '70s!

Oh joy!


Alien Deathmatch Arena on the Switch is coming along well enough, with bullets colliding with walls and doors as they oughta.
Next will be to get the aliens to roam about and be all deadly and stuff.
Oh, and draw more aliens, too, as I've currently only drawn that one.

I'm currently looking into finding the best method of putting little test video clips into the blog..
.. For now, here's a Twitter clip


I haven't thought about the Amiga for the past few weeks.
The disappointment of not being able to get RetroRaider working on it appears to have reduced the motivation that I had for it.
Perhaps I should retry that, before I tackle anything else, in the hopes that it helps get my mojo back!
.. Either that, or it'll get even worse!

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

I keep thinking about adding twin-stick functionality to Browsercade, but my onscreen controller already sucks quite badly.
I think, if I'm going to attempt anything like Alien Deathmatch on there, I first need to get the controls working better than they currently are.
Options would likely help quite a bit... And those require menus.


And, finally, today's Platdude Pixelart ended up as a gorgeous little image, once redone using Nightcafe Studio's AI engine.
You can see the results, here.

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