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1st July 2022
Rather than drawing Aliens, yesterday, I spent the day doing the monotonous task of drawing walls.


Without super-awesome tools, I had to pixel all those walls by hand.
Every side, every corner, every shadow... It all went in, and from there I started to work on the level renderer. That is, taking a small 64x64 pixel area, and then expanding it to be a full tilemap.

This is exactly how the original game did it, taking a small "level" image and expanding it to be the complete level.

Click for Bigger : Apologies for dusty Switch!!

This is an EPIC start for the engine.
.. Now all I have to do is collision detection against the walls, and make the doors work.
.. Oh, and then code the player, and draw the aliens, and create some levels, and then make the menu system.
Plain sailing.

And I'll be taking my time over the next few weeks, making a nice big "monthly" project.
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New games every week!
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